RN & The 12 Steps

A solution exists. Recovery Nidra is the beginning of a lifestyle of ease and freedom and dissolves the inner battle of resistance and change.

Each Recovery Nidra practice has a specific intention extrapolated from the 12 step path. Just as every word speaks to the energy beyond the word, so Recovery Nidra’s powerful intentions point to the essential energy beyond the steps.

Many people don’t feel suited to the twelve step program. For some, a strong resistance is experienced. The Twelve Step approach to recovery is an evidence-based practice of modern addiction treatment, and over 20 million Americans in recovery have used this model in some capacity. To date, it is the most successful model that we know, it is incumbent upon us to seek all methods of success when providing relief from addiction

Practicing Recovery Nidra, you can access the wisdom and integrity of the 12 steps as a proprietary step towards your sober lifestyle, or as an aftercare program at the end of treatment.

Recovery Nidra can be practiced to explore your spirituality, no matter what program you have chosen. You can use the Recovery Nidra to deepen your step work, cope with triggers and unwelcome responses, and progress deeper into your recovery.

Recovery Nidra delivers a new experience of freedom and happiness, deploys the wisdom of the steps to dissolve the pain, stigma, and shame of addiction, so that a person can welcome each difficult situation and problems arising every day with resolve.

As healing begins, we find that many of the common obstacles to treatment, asking for help, and even denial, gradually dissolve with the regular practice of Recovery Nidra

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