Recovery Nidra ®

Introduction to Recovery Nidra (RN).
Recovery Nidra introduces a view to the recovery of addiction which is very different from that held by many people. For some it will serve the purpose of experiencing an entirely new perspective to recovery, to others it will simply emphasize the path already sought.

Earlier versions of Yoga Nidra, such as IRest Yoga Nidra, IAM Yoga Nidra, and Total Yoga Nidra, have been instrumental in the creation of this powerful new adaptation.

Recovery Nidra rediscovers in contemporary terms, the wisdom of the ages. It restores our innate connectedness with ourselves and the entire universe, so we are able to stay connected no matter what emotional state we may be experiencing. A new approach to addiction is emerging as a growing number of experts conclude the opposite of addiction treatment is not sobriety, but connection.

A series of meditation practices. Each follows a simple 12 step protocol addressing the internal environments of our experience. Dissolving resistance held in the body and mind created through years of addiction. The twelve elements include relaxed body postures, varied breath techniques, visualizations, intentions, sound therapy, energetic awareness, non-dual opposites and Jungian archetypes. Combined with the principles of the twelve steps, this approach is a personal and honest investigation into the nature of lasting recovery.

The journey through Recovery Nidra begins where may treatment or therapy ends. Beginning with the experience of a whole being. Beyond that which is seeming broken or seemingly damaged; beyond mental concepts of oneself, it begins with the unlimited, irreducible and ever-present experience of freedom…

Rewiring the Body
During the practice of Recovery Nidra, the body is gently rewired. The experience of activating body sensations deep in the spine, the skin and muscles, deliver a flood of physical relief. A profound relaxation occurs, giving appropriate feelings of wellbeing and confidence and a new sense of belonging. A foundation to begin the work of rebuilding a healthy happy and peaceful life.

Using Recovery Nidra, people learn to welcome life without the use of substances and to respond without impulsive reactions to challenging situations.

Rewiring the Brain
‘Studies show, just 11 hours of practice induces positive structural changes in brain connectivity by boosting efficiency in a part of the brain that helps a person regulate behavior’

By practicing Recovery Nidra regularly, you will change the fundamental structure of your brain, mostly in the areas that are in charge of conflict. Instead, tap into the parts of the brain that allow for greater insight, resolution, and peace.

  1. The proportion of *grey matter is changed
  2. The *Amygdala decreases in size
  3. The *Hippocampus is increased in size
  4. Healthy *neural pathways are strengthened
  5. New healthy *neural pathways are created
  6. *Synapses strengthen or weaken over time

* High alcohol consumption has been correlated with significant reductions in grey matter volume. Grey matter contains most of the brain’s neural cells. Effects regions of the brain involved in muscle control, seeing and hearing, memory, emotions, speech, decision making, and self-control.

*The amygdalae perform primary roles in the formation and storage of memories associated with emotional events. Research indicates that, during fear conditioning, sensory stimuli reach the amygdala where they form associations with memories of the emotional event. PTSD in Vietnam vets show enlarging of the Amygdala with chronic stress. Studies show a decrease in the size of Amygdala with the practice of IREST Yoga Nidra

*Hippocampus is responsible for the processing of long-term memory and emotional responses. Atrophy in this area of the brain is often seen with impairment of memory, especially the formation of new memories.

*A neural pathway serves to connect relatively distant areas of the brain or nervous system. Descending motor pathways travel from the cerebral cortex to the lower spinal cord.

Earlier versions of Yoga Nidra, such as IRest Yoga Nidra, IAM Yoga Nidra, and Total Yoga Nidra, have been instrumental in the creation of this powerful new adaptation.

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