Private Sessions

Recovery Nidra Private Sessions


Centering, Cultivation, Breath, Relaxation, Felt Sense, Observation, Allowing, Integration, Heart Awareness.

We begin the practice with a short centering.  Redirecting energy to become calm and concentrated at the commencement and during the session. Using prayer, meditation, or chanting (depending on the student’s comfort level) to enter a state of presence for both teacher and practitioner.

Cultivation of lower energies in the first and second chakras using yoga therapy approaches. Targets: Hips, pelvis, legs, feet.

Postures comprising of legs up the wall, hamstring stretch, butterfly, figure four, sacrum lifts, side twists, shoulder stand. All using the wall.

There is minimum dialogue, a calm environment, soft lighting, and low Binaural Beats music.

During this time, facilitator observes the tendencies and nuances of practitioner’s breath and holding patterns.

Integrational Breathing
A composite modality using breath work as a support for various processes. Exploring the inner dimension of life. Used with corresponding sound vibration, this practice is a highly personal experience that uses different breathing techniques to clear physical, mental and emotional blocks.

Consisting of a variety of circular and conscious connected breathing techniques, that can be described as a relaxed, connected and total way of breathing. This pattern of breath triggers a natural process of cleansing and purifying in both the body and psyche.

Integral Breath Therapy is both an art and a science, used for personal growth and development, stress management, spiritual unfoldment or as an adjunct to psychotherapy. Breath therapy is a profound tool for bringing about permanent positive life changes.

Diagnostics and demonstrations of breath techniques will be used during the session (circular and total breath)

Bringing the body to the posture of Shavasana, cultivating stillness.

Synchronized music with deep relaxation. Invitation to become fully surrendered.

Felt Sense (Sensing the body)
This part of the practice allows physical sensations to inform and change behaviors. The nervous system is calmed to achieve deep physical and mental relaxation, strengthening the body’s natural resiliency for dealing with stress, and expanding the capacity to experience unchanging feelings of health, wholeness, and well-being.

Research reveals that with regular practice of body sensing, and the deep relaxation that results, grows brain-body connections through the creation and strengthening of neural pathways.

Staying present, interested and curious about the physical sensations you have sensed present.

Observing what happens to your body and state of mind, when you remain present relaxed and connected.

Welcoming all sensations to be present in their own time and in their own way. Welcoming feelings and emotions, and resisting tendencies to control, resist or encourage.

Returning to balance, Integrating deep relaxation and ease, both within yourself and during your daily interactions with others. You’ll start to notice your ability to thoughtfully respond, rather than react impulsively

Heart Awareness
This part of the session draws awareness to the heart, and to the most open accepting and loving feelings that are often present here. A gentle ease of being, sometimes a soft release of tears arise. Accompanied by an understanding that this experience is available each and every moment

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