How to Practice

First and most important is that you are comfortable. Your entire practice will be 45-50 minutes long so take some time exploring the needs of your body to enter a restful state.

Optimally, you would be lying on the floor, the body flat on a yoga matt. Use a soft, flat pillow for the head and a blanket to cover yourself. However, you may be seated in a comfortable chair or even lying on your bed. If you are lying down try using some pillows under the knees to relieve pressure from the lower back.

Everyone’s situation is different, it’s important to find what is right for you. As you continue throughout the course you may find the body adjusting and adapting to the requirements of the practice.

If you are lying down, bring your body into the posture of Shavasana, extending the legs along the floor, separate your feet slightly wider than hip distance apart. Place the arms by the sides, away from the body palms facing up. Open up the chest,  bring the shoulder blades closer together underneath you, on the matt.

Using an eye pillow will accelerate the process, if you don’t have one, you can use a scarf or any item that will do the job. It’s not necessary to close the eyes, you will feel the eyes wanting to rest back into the sockets, so rest the eyes, but feel free to do it your own way, this is your practice and your time, these are simply guidelines for best practice.

Before you begin, I invite you to leave your personal history behind, also the story of your past and future.
The story of who you think you are…
The story of who you should be…
The story of who you could have been…
These stories will still be there for you when you’re done. (If you still want them!)

Instead, concentrate on your physical sensations in the present moment.
Sensations of your breath…
Sensations of your muscles as they tense or relax…
This will also help you to release any expectation you have from the practice.

Stillness is encouraged, however, if you need to scratch, cough, blink, roll over, sit up, or even leave the practice. Do it. Honor your body and its needs. You will be surprised how quickly you can drop back into stillness. The power of your intention is compelling.

Wear comfortable loose clothes, Select a time you’re sure not to be disturbed. The room should be quiet, your phone on silent away from your body. No aromas or incense. No distractions. Complete silence.

Now you are ready!

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